Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Actualise Academy Courses approved by the Department of Education and Science for EPV days?

I'm worried about my broadband speed and my connection. I'm not used to doing courses online. Will your courses work even if my connection drops or is patchy?

  • This is a really common question, and it is an issues for all of us as we work from home and the whole country seems to be online. The short answer is - it won't be a problem. All of our content is downloadable, so you can just download the pdfs and podcasts of lectures and listen/browse in your own time, offline. In other words, just download the content on your phone or laptop while you are connected to the internet. Even if the connection is poor or patchy, it will still download. Once you have it, you don't have to worry about the connection. You can look at the slides and listen to the audio podcasts offline, in your own time. When you're ready, you can pop back online to do the short quizzes to move from one module to the next.

Is there a limit to how many courses can I do for EPV days?

How much do courses cost?

Courses cost €75 for one, €100 for two and €120 for three. It is free to sign up to Actualise Academy.

Why should I join The Actualise Academy?


Actualise Academy incorporates the expertise of Neuroscientists, Clinical, Counselling and Behavioural Psychologists to make Psychology and Wellness easy to understand and use.`

Lesson Plans across the curriculum

We give you the Tools to use this knowledge in your classroom and school

A New Way of Learning

Do your courses on the go, from the kitchen table at home or while out for your walk! Our self-paced courses can be completed on your mobile or tablet with regular contributions from experts in their field.

What are the Course Completion Requirements?

  • Courses are run online, and are a maximum of of 20 hours each. There is lots of complementary material for you too, which is relevant, free and well organised.
  • The course is divided into 5 modules x 4 hours each. Each module module breaks down into 2 hours of online work (e.g. lectures, MCQs, etc) and 2 hours of offline, self-directed learning (e.g. recommended videos, reading, etc.).
  • You can do the course entirely at your own pace, and can even do it on mobile if you are on the move!

Assessment of the course is as follows:

  1. Multiple choice questions and short answer questions are interspersed through the five modules, and are based on the content you will have just seen (you can review the material anytime);
  2. Each module requires a short reflective piece, asking you to think through how you will apply the material you have just learned to your own learning environment; you must engage with the shared learning online forums for each course.
  3. A 500 word assignment that you will submit to Dropbox on which feedback will be provided in due course, so keep an eye out for it!

Please note: You must must complete assignments for each module before moving to the next module.

Is the password/login system easy? I'm not very tech savvy!

  • Yes! Our platform is really simple to use, and the whole course runs automatically. It will pick up where you left off before, and it is really intuitive to use. There is a technical support section, and a technical support chat which will answer any questions you may have.

Do you provide support?

  • We do! You can always email us at [email protected] or contact us through Teachable. These are monitored from 9-5, Monday to Friday. Our staff will make sure the experience is as smooth as possible!

How do I purchase more than one course?

  • You can purchase bundles of courses here on the Actualise Academy site. We have bundles of 2 courses and 3 courses, which have been selected on the basis of common themes. Two-course bundles are €100, three course bundles are €120.

Can I make up my own bundle of courses?

  • No, our bundles are pre-selected. If you buy three separate courses (not a pre-selected bundle), the courses will cost €75 each.


From time to time, Actualise Academy offer discount coupons to its members. These may offer time limited discounts or reductions while stocks last. We also offer loyalty discounts to members. These are offered in good faith and are subject to the terms and conditions outlined below:

  • These coupons are applicable only at checkout before payment and cannot be retrospectively applied once a purchase has been made. Exceptions to this rule cannot be made at this time unfortunately.
  • We may offer exclusive coupon codes to existing members that enable them to purchase a course for a reduced rate. Where a non-member (having not purchased a full price course) purchases a course using such a coupon, they will be unable to proceed with their course until they first purchase a full-price course. In such circumstances, Actualise Academy do not issue refunds.

Please note, it is our policy not to issue refunds to purchases made with the use of discount coupons. Where a coupon has been used to purchase a course, we will offer credit to purchase another course to participants.

When can I access my course?

  • All courses will be accessible from July 1st to August 23rd 2019. All courses must be completed by 5pm on August 23rd. This is a DES regulation.

How do I access my course?

  • If you purchase a course before July 1st, the course will be available only on July 1st - you will receive an email as soon as the course opens. If you buy a course after July 1st, the material will be available almost immediately.

I have watched the lectures but am being prevented from progressing to the next lesson.

  • Our lectures are the only course content that may not be forcefully skipped, meaning the lecture must be allowed to play in it's entirety from beginning to end. Only then will the green "complete and continue" button illuminate allowing you to click and move on with your learning.

  • If you have already allowed the lecture to play in full and are still stuck - sometimes simply refreshing the page (press the F5 key on your laptop/desktop computer keyboard) can do the trick!
  • Please note that in order to progress to the next lesson, lectures must be played on the website. Downloading the lecture to your device and watching it that way does not indicate to our software program that the lesson has been completed. The option to download certain course materials, particularly lectures, is available so that they may be stored on your personal device for you to reference as and when needed after completion of your course.

Can I access my course using different devices?

  • Our courses are fully mobile and can be accessed on the go! You can complete course-work using your computer, tablet or phone. Just download the IOS (for Apple users) App and you are ready to go!

Will I get my certificate of completion before school starts?

  • Yes, once you successfully complete the course, a certificate will be generated for you within a short time, in plenty of time for the start of school term.

I can't find/download/print my certificate.

  • While our course content may be engaged with via various devices, the option to view/download/print your certificate is currently only possible from a laptop/desktop computer.
  • If you go back into the end of the course and press the complete and continue button the course bar showing the percentage of the course you have completed will change to 100% and you will be brought to the page where your certificate is. The download button is underneath the certificate.