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All courses are approved by the Department of Education for Extra Personal Vacation (EPV) Days for Primary School Teachers for 2023 - 2025 and are your gateway to professional growth and classroom excellence.

Unlock your potential with Actualise Academy's dynamic online EPV courses, trusted by over 3,500 primary school teachers all over Ireland. Approved by the Department of Education for Extra Personal Vacation (EPV) Days from 2023 to 2025, our courses are your gateway to professional growth and classroom excellence. Online EPV Courses for Teachers Summer 2024

Why Choose Actualise Academy?

  • Teaching & Technological Excellence: We use the most advanced online learning management software available. Use our iOS & Android app, podcasts and free lesson plans to make your summer course experience as enjoyable and worthwhile as possible. All courses are rigorously approved by the Department of Education, ensuring you receive top-tier professional development.

  • Expert-Led Content with a Practical Approach: Learn from tutors who have taught in classrooms as well as lecturing in psychology at institutions such as Trinity College Dublin, NUI Galway, and University of Limerick. Our course directors are recognised experts in psychology, frequently featuring on popular TV, radio, and podcast segments discussing human behavior and mental well-being.

  • Ease of Use: You won't waste a minute of your summer holidays with technical issues! Our online platform is exceptionally easy to use with our tutors and support team responsive and helpful. Just ask any of our many current members! With our courses designed to be practical and directly applicable, your summer EPV experience will be about transforming psychological theories into fun and interactive learning experiences.
  • Value for Money: Experience unparalleled learning opportunities with our courses and exclusive 2 & 3 course bundles, offering more learning for less.

Join our community of educators who have transformed their teaching for over 60,000 children with Actualise Academy. With years of outstanding feedback, our courses are crafted to not only meet your professional development needs but to inspire and energise your teaching journey.

By enrolling in Actualise Academy, you're not just earning EPV days; you're investing in your future and the future of your students. Start your journey with us today and experience the difference expert-led, practical, and engaging professional development can make.

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Here's what our other students have to say about our courses!

"I think this was an excellent course! There was a lovely balance between audio clips, videoclips and reading material. The information was delivered very clearly and concisely. I'm taking so many ideas from this course back to the classroom this year. Thank you!"

- Laoise, Course Participant- All Work & No Play, The Psychology of Play and Humour in the Classroom

"For me, I feel this was possibly the most relevant and worthwhile course I have completed over the summer months throughout my teaching career to date! I really enjoyed the practical strategies that I can use when I go back to work. I particularly loved the idea of the Coping Cards, something I can't wait to introduce to my students. Thank you."

- Aíne, Course Participant- Anxiety in Children. Why it occurs and how to deal with it

"I honestly really enjoyed this course. I loved the way the course was laid out. I could download the PDFs and then read through them when the children were in bed. So many resources and approaches were shared and I am delighted I chose this course. Thank you for your work. I really enjoyed this learning experience."

- Michael, Course Participant- Autism 101- Creating an Autism-Friendly Learning Environment

"I found this course so informative and useful. I have saved all the resources and the modules, I know they will be so useful in the future. I really enjoyed the content and the methods of delivery. I will be recommending this course to friends. Thoroughly enjoyed the course from a personal and professional level. Thank you very much!."

- Justine, Course Participant- No More Meltdowns: Proven Strategies for Managing Challenging Behaviour


Outstanding Client Feedback

98.8% of our 2023 participants agreed: “This course was of good quality"

98.6% of our 2023 participants agreed: “This course has improved my

Teaching or Leadership Skills”

97.6% of our 2023 participants agreed: “This course was professionally

enabling and relevant to the work of schools”

99.4% of our 2023 participants agreed: “I achieved the stated learning

outcomes from this course”