Actualise Academy formed in 2015. Pádraig, Rose and Mike came together to design in-house courses at the Actualise Psychology Clinic on the topic of Anxiety in Children. This followed on from the wave of enquiries we got from Teachers, Parents and other Professionals which were arriving in our inboxes on an almost daily basis. There was a common theme - mental health issues in children, parents and Teachers were on the increase, and reaching epidemic levels. Bringing together our collective experiences in clinical, teaching and applied settings, we began to design courses. In 2018 we ran EPV courses for Teachers and were so overwhelmed with the response that we had to close enrolment early!

Benefits of Actualise Academy

  • Lesson Plans across the curriculum
  • Do your courses on the go, from the kitchen table with the kids to a beach in Mexico!
  • Self-paced, take a whole month to complete your course, with a focus on the practical
  • Do the course on your mobile, and have access to material all year round
  • All instructors have a mix of teaching, clinical and research experience

We combine a unique mix of Clinical Psychology, Behavioural Analysis and Neuroscience. We firmly believe that if you empower children and adults with knowledge about mental health issues, from the Brain to Behaviour, you are empowering people to change their relationship with the world and with other people for the better. Our Big Ben Approach - Behaviour, Emotion, Neuroscience - runs through all our courses. We take you through the Brain and Body bases for behaviours, help you understand these behaviours from a Psychological perspective and then give you good, solid, practical advice on how to change Behaviours in the real world.

Choose Actualise Academy to combine the best of both worlds - the latest science and practical advice - to empower yourself and those around to improve mental health for everyone!

Actualise Academy. Human Science. Applied.

"I can honestly say that the team at Actualise Academy have made the most informative, interesting and practical courses that I've seen in my 16 years of teaching. Thanks everyone!"

- Ms. Phil Kelly, Teacher of 16 years, currently teaching 3rd and 4th class